Tuesday, April 24, 2007

PRIA - The perfect pitch

Holy shitballs. What an eventful night.

This post doesn't have any pictures, so for those only interested in my pictorial portray of life, please divert to this site now. It's much more entertaining. My best score is 3198.

I've just gotten back tonight from my first ever Public Relations Institute of Australia event. To be honest, it's been the first event which I've been able to afford (many other events cost a few hundred to a thousand dollars to attend), and on my salary, many events simply aren't accessible...a stain on the PRIA for young members, but understandable due to resourcing etc. If only there could be an informal (and non-stereotypical) venture such as a BBQ where people gather on a Saturday afternoon, talk PR and all associated afflictions, then go out and get shit-faced. Low cost and achieving the goals of the PRIA.

This one tonight brought together three blokes (in a room of roughly 35 women and 5 guys) to present their views on "The Perfect Pitch". Journos presenting to us included Tony Biancotti (Formally Today and Getaway), David Flynn (IT freelance journo and former editor of a host of IT mags/newspaper supplements), and Tony Blackie (Senior journo at BRW and founder of PR company Blackie McDonald). In a nutshell, their views echoed exactly what I have thought about PR: Be personal, be genuine, be smart, be valuable.

As a quadruplet, these elements are in no way interchangeable - in my opinion, despite any magical 'new ways' of communicating, these four elements will always form the cornerstones to any effective public relations (or any business!) strategy.

Tonight was eventful for more than just the fact that it was my first ever foray into PRIA events:

  • I got my feet wet - we've had about 60 points of rain in the CBD since 9am this morning (apologies to my family in Central West NSW).
  • Paull Young, a mate of mine from uni who was in attendance, went up to the president of the PRIA to discuss some possibly thorny subjects, only for his lip to be prematurely cut open on a broken schmiddy glass (yet another reason why they should be banned), being forced to abort any intentions of intellectual conversation with blood streaming down his chin. We got a few free beers out of it though. Thanks Youngie.
  • I got to talk about the effects of new-media with a whole host of intelligent, informed young PR professionals.
  • There was a simultaneous speed-dating event on in the same venue. It proved quite funny when a random young lady introduced herself, then leaving three minutes later with a confused look on her face after witnessing three guys gripped by said new-media conversation.
I'm still really undecided as to whether I will renew my membership ($275 for a few emails and 'invitations' to events where I need to pay more money) - I think I would like to speak with the PRIA hierarchy as to different costing elements.

This event, whilst a great way to catch up with old mates and meet a few new people, was terrific - I just wish I don't have to pay a heap of money for the privilege.



Mum said...

Gee Steve ........

Donald said...

Bellie, suggest you contact Ms Annabelle at the PRIA, she just loves talking to CSU grads; you have made some useful suggestions about involving younger practitioners; your old lecturer, Donald