Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Goats & Carnies: The 2007 Royal Sydney Easter Show

Clare & I ventured for a day to the Easter Show on Good Friday last week.

Mum and Dad are involved in the horticultural side of the Royal Sydney Easter Show, with Mum helping out with the judging of all things floral and Dad helping with the strategic direction of the NSW Royal Agricultural Society (specifically the horticultural section) through his role as a councillor. What does this mean? Free tickets into the show...woo!

I wore yellow so Clare could spot me in the crowd.
Here's a few pictures from the Southee (Horticultural) pavilion:

This is a goat.

Carni-ville. Scary - and I'm not referring to the rides. I was surround thousands of people who may as well have been wearing "I heart Naomi Robson" t-shirts.

Council dining room

Clare & I joined Mum & Dad in the Council dining room for lunch. It's kind of like the Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club, just without boats. And water. And it's in Homebush. Either way, I was particularly taken by the pictures of (now deceased) animals on the walls, from fluffy the cat through to a shiny chicken and an emaciated dog.

Check out this guy's chops. Yee ha!

Wow. The owner of this vehicle is standing in the top left of the picture. I take it she likes her bourbon. And pig hunting.

Always one to help the rural community out, I spent a while making horse shoes for miniature ponies.

I think people may have taken this sign a little too literally last year.

I found out that Jaynie Seal does not enjoy the company of alpacas, especially when they're biting her during a live weather cross.

Teaching kids about the different cuts of lamb with a couple of hanging carcasses.

This goat has been genetically modified, as part of the Federal Government's 'Goats To Iraq' scheme. Apparently they're a little skint on volunteers, so have enlisted the help of a few Nubian goats with ready-grown camouflage.

On the subject of our caprine friends, below is a bit of audio I captured of a couple of goats having a heated argument over the ethical implications of the changes to Australia's media laws.

This year's show was an absolute 'spin out'.


Mum said...

Pleased you enjoyed the day at the 'show' - thought I should put you right, I only STEWARD at the horticulture, a very minor role in the big picture. Speaking of which, you did an excellent job of the Southee images, Cecily Rogers would just love them (she's the big shot in hort). Love ya M xx

Belly said...

Whatever Mum - you're the ribbon that keeps that bunch of flowers still together.

And yes, I do agree, they are excellent shots.