Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Anatomy of a proposal - In hospital

Friday, 13 November
BNH Hospital, Bangkok

It hasn’t all gone to plan.

The plan was to sort out an engagement gift for Clare soon after getting back into Bangkok, then maybe propose the following weekend in Ayuthya or on one of the islands.

However, a slight battle has been waging in the form of a minging skin problem related to my auto-immune problems.

In short, I’ve been in hospital in a fair bit of pain, unable to get out of bed to greet people, let alone leave the hospital to sort out some bling for Clare. I’m also left with four sores - three 1cm deep roughly the size of an Aussie 10c coin, and one big one about the shape of an egg, also about 1cm deep. Not attractive. It’s surprising Clare hasn’t given me the flick…

Pretty over this.