Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Anatomy of a proposal - Designing the bling

Various dates

After various emails, design iterations, pub lunches, and further discussions about the varying merits of different cuts, clarities, carats and colours of shiny rocks, Patto and I settle on designing a nice pair of 1 carat white gold marquise diamond earrings, with the view that Clare will hopefully be able to wear them at many a family occasion in the years to come.

Here’s a few of the initial sketches…

The sketch above is the one we ended up going with, incorporating 13 small diamonds along the main part of the white gold earring, and then a nice bright marquise diamond set hanging below.

This was another idea we had - looking at two diamonds, a small brilliant cut bezel stud, with a fully-set hanging marquise.

Similar to the one above, this design incorporated the small brilliant cut bezel diamond stud, with a hanging marquise - this one in a claw setting.


Mum said...

I just love the design of the one you chose. Can't wait to see them in Jan.