Sunday, April 15, 2007

A 'big' weekend

Clare and I travelled up to Tamworth via Singleton this weekend to attend an engagement party of a close friend of Clare's from uni. As such, I thought it would be a prime opportunity to sample some of Australia's larger than life tourist attractions along the 840km round-trip.

First-up was the Southern Hemisphere's Largest Heliochronometer situated in Singleton. The sundial represents Singleton's contribution to the 1988 bicentenial celebrations.

Cool facts:

  • The top is nearly 8m high
  • Made from a whopping 30 sq. m. of concrete and 2.5km of steel reinforcing
  • Weighs nearly 30 tonnes
  • The 'big hand' is also parallel to the earth's rotation! Yeah!

We also went to Quirindi, about 65km's SW of Tamworth. This is probably the biggest thing in the small town of 3000: the 'big signpost'. I am led to believe that every main attraction the town has to offer is posted on this lone pole.

A lovely NSW country town with some rich history - wish I could have stayed for a beer at the Terminus Hotel.

Then, the big one. Clare and I couldn't help but to pluck a couple of strings in front of arguably the greatest oversized guitar I have ever stood in front of. Awe inspiring stuff - an emotional moment.

Cool facts:
  • Made mostly of fibreglass over a steel frame
  • Stands 12m high and weighs roughly half a tonne
  • Unveiled by Slim Dusty in 1988
Clare and I were alert, but not alarmed, when we spotted this light aircraft heading toward the big guitar. Could it have been the target of a terrorist attack??? If there is anything to unite a nation, then it is an attack on the very fabric of our country music heritage - terrorists beware.