Saturday, February 03, 2007

There is nothing fashionable about being late

Message to the world:

Be on time. The occasional public-transit snafu is forgivable, but consistent lateness is rude, annoying, and self-centered. If we didn't care when you showed up, we'd have said "any old time"; if we said seven, get there at seven or within fifteen minutes. Do not ditz that you "lost track of time" as though time somehow slipped its leash and ran into traffic. It shows a basic lack of respect for others; flakiness is not cute anymore, primarily because it never was. Buy a watch, wind it up, and wear it everywhere you go.
- Tomato Nation

Strong, but fair words to those with problems managing their time.

Let's get organised people!


tim said...

I also found a nice quote online:

Get there on time, you knob.
- Tim Willis


Steve said...

Direct and effective.

Chris said...