Saturday, November 04, 2006


Hello team. Welcome to my blog - arguably my greatest ever.

As of July 2006, Technorati reports that about 175,000 new blogs were being created each day, contributing to a global pool of blogs in excess of 50 million. That translates to just over two new blogs a second. Yeah - holy shitballs.

So in my mind, it highlights two things:

  1. Perspective: My little online journal is merely a drop in the Blogosphere Ocean.
  2. Infestation of geeks: There are hell of a lot of like-minded gleebens out there in the world.

In a world that's only beginning to bloom some fantastic communicative opportunities, I hope Hotel Bell ends up being a ripper of a window into my life for my mates, family and associated randoms. I welcome your comments, feedback and slander.



Mum said...

You have done a wonderful job and the walk looked a real challenge for a bloke that had had such a BIG b'day bash the day/nite before - well done you are really a chip off the maternal block.