Monday, November 06, 2006

Mo, it's not a possum above my lip

So I'm growing a filthy 'tache (or at least manicuring a few sporadic hairs) for 'Movember'. Why? Because I'm passionate about changing the state of men's health (and love Tom Selleck).

Did you know:

  1. Every year in Australia 2,700 men die of prostate cancer - more than the number of women who die from breast cancer.
  2. Men are far less healthy than women. The average life expectancy of males is 6 years less than females.
  3. Depression affects 1 in 6 men. Most don't seek help.

You can help me change the face of men's health by sponsoring my mo here. A few other boys are doing it also:
  • Tim 'The mexican pool cleaner' here.
  • Dave 'Sells his excess facial hair to China to make merkins' here to sponsor.
  • Jonnie 'I can hide a pie in there for later' here to sponsor.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible, and you can do it securely with a credit card online. The money raised by Movember will be donated to charities Beyond Blue and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. You can also check out the Movember website at

To remind you of some of history's greatest mo's, below are some tasty photos:

Thanks in advance for supporting two fabulous causes!!


Clare O'Connor said...

Who's that good looking man in the the bottom right photo??

Steve said...

Indeed, a 1970's chick magnet!

Mum said...

Have you gained permission to use that hot looking photo BR? If not, there may be legal issues as I know he is quite precious about his image being used indiscriminately.