Saturday, November 04, 2006

La Fiesta de Steve (part 2)

On Saturday, Willis & I had a BBQ. We played cricket, ate and were indeed quite merry.

After the sun went down, we went back to The Doghouse, kept drinking, played some tunes and donned our fire retardent clothing. Then we went to The Firehouse Hotel, drank some more, ate some more and rode the merriment well into the night.

Everyone who came
Two 23 year-old firemen
Dave's Damien Martyn impression
Clare and her white chocolate mud cake with slime icing
The splendid weather - thanks Mike Bailey
Dave Wright's keg donation - Scharer's sweet as the sun shine reflecting off Jesus' own ass. And just as tasty. Thanks mate.

The ice
The Firehouse Hotel's strict policy of being absolute wankers

Slightly lukewarm
The St Leonards Park public BBQ's