Saturday, November 04, 2006

La Fiesta de Steve (part 1)

Did you know it was my birthday last week? A bloody fantastic time indeed.

On Friday morning Willis cooked me a breakfast fit for a Romanian prince. I believe he got up at about 5:30 to start cracking the eggs. What a delectable treat...

I tried to sell World Psoriasis Day to national print and broadcast media at work later that day, with mixed success. Apparently the chronic loss of skin just isn't sexy enough for Mornings with Kerri-Anne.

I also had the pleasure of coming home later that night to Clare and:

  1. A ready-chilled glass of my favourite beer, Coopers Pale Ale
  2. A beautiful fettucine with calamari and prawns in a creamy lemon and garlic sauce.

It wasn't all about food though...the day was interspersed with much appreciated messages and phonecalls from family and mates.

Oh, and by the way, it was Willis' birthday the following Monday if you didn't know. We're so hot that the Morning Crew from Wollongong's i98FM felt compelled to tell their 100,400 listeners that it was our birthdays. Listen here. (Thanks Beth...)

A fabulous prelude to La Fiesta de Steve...