Friday, February 29, 2008

Surf's up!

I'm really digging my surfing at the moment.

For those that don't know, Clare and I decided in October last year that we'd learn how to surf over summer. I've loved every single minute of it...some may even remark that I am now a bit of a findick waxhead who holds a personal account in the greenroom.

I've managed to go from being pretty shit, only being able to stand up on 20% of small 1ft waves, to being OK, able to stand up on most waves up to 3ft, turn across the face both ways, and am getting more confidence jumping onto some of the bigger ones.

My parent's live just north of Coffs Harbour - it's absolutely awesome for the surf. I've managed to get out a few times since I've been up here, each time being as they say in the business, totally gnarley. The 'sea tractor' (my large, 8'2" plough of a mini-mal board) and I have had some good times together.

Being home means I can have a beach to surf all for myself, in pristine surrounds, without the worries of my surfing lines running into and dismembering small children on body boards, or some local giving me a steely 'piss off' look for entering his sacred wave zone (in truth, I've only ever gotten this at Queenie on Sydney's Northern Beaches).

Nearby Woologoolga Beach has to be my favourite (see picture above), with its nice long, even's a few pictures from the last few days surfing around Coffs:

Beautiful day, beautiful surrounds...

Probably not close enough for this one, but I had a go anyway

Nice size for the Sea Tractor...

Finishing up after a two-hour session at Park Beach