Saturday, February 23, 2008

Call me old fashioned, but blogging rocks!

I just received a comment from Leslie, a wonderful woman who I stayed with over my last few weeks in Sydney. She's the mother of a couple of mates of mine - she also surprises me time and time again with her super-savvy approach to life.

Despite not being born into a hard drive like the kids of the 80's and beyond, Leslie seems to be willing to learn some new e-skills and give blogging a bit of a go.

And this is what I dig about social media...providing people of all generations, interests and computer abilities the opportunity to communicate the world over.

Naturally, it will be the little friend and family moments I'll miss most when I'm overseas - so seeing a couple of pictures of Dave and James pulling beers down at Picton, an update on the dogs, a description of the latest trip to Bali, or simply a Wednesday morning harbour sunrise will make the distance seem so much closer.

Leslie's first, brand-spanking new blog can be found here.