Saturday, September 15, 2007

I adora, brunch by Laura

Handmade pastries in the foreground, Laura works hard to serve up one of the most delectable brunches of 2007!

A couple of weekends ago, Laura invited a few people around to her gorgeous Mosman apartment for a spot of brunch.

We were treated to a number of wonderful dishes - freshly cut fruit salad (grapefruit, orange and strawberry); blueberry pancakes with fresh mango and yoghurt; an assortment of fruit and chocolate pastries; scrambled egg and bacon wraps; garlic and rosemary mushrooms with chorizo; roasted hashbrowns; and some smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill bagels, courtesy of Weens.


Here's a few more pics of the food:

Weens' bagels...note the fresh dill.

The colour! Nothing signals the start of spring more than the blend of some freshly cut fruit.

Enough to feed an Ethiopian tribe.

More shots of the fruit salad, as well as the side of eschalots to accompany the egg and bacon wraps.

Thanks again to Laura for putting on an amazing feast! Brilliant company and an absolutely stellar menu!


Mum said...

A beautiful spread (the stylist has done an outstanding job with the shots). The best and only way to start the day with lovely friends sharing good times; precious memories in the making.