Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy birthday Amelia!

So work's been holding me by the grundle for a while now - frequent blogging has been forced to take a back seat. This is why I'm posting about Amelia's birthday 14 days after the event.

My sister Amelia turned 22 on the 2nd of September - Clare and I went to meet her at her place, offload some presents, take her out for lunch in Leichardt and then get on the piss at the Harbourview Hotel in the Rocks.

Note my brilliant wrapping skills in the two photos on the right:
  • The left-over wrapping paper with a footy tape bow. Exquisite.
  • Recycling the previous morning's Sydney Morning Herald.
Here's a few more pictures from the day:

The Wish top we got Meils. Apparently she likes the brand, according to my #1 partner in crime.

The matching platter and salad bowl with the same flower that blooms at the time of Amelia's birthday.

Some midget who tried to get the party started early with a few lines of coke.

The Harbourview Hotel! Note the gorgeous day and bridge in the background.

Two hotties at the pub.

Two more hotties.
NB: Amelia is wearing heals...that's why I resemble Bilbo Baggins.

Happy birthday babe - hope you had a wonderful day...x


Mum said...

1. A little advice for the album - don't bend the knees when you are having your shot taken with the little sister.
2. That bow is (I reckon) destined to the the wrapping fastening world's next trend.
3. Good to see that you are a conscientious, tight-ass greenie using recycled materials.
4. Clare's taste in flatware is fantastic and the magnolia theme an inspired one - well done!
5. Looks as though the Harbour View is starting to become the Bell family 'occasion' drinking hole.

Cass Bell said...

You all look so pretty, especially you Buggy! Love the hair! And those PJ's are really nice - where'd you get them from?! xxx

Mum said...

PS I forgot to mention - how so that Bug can look so crash-hot first thing in the jammies? Must be something inherited from the 'bell' side.