Sunday, July 29, 2007

Where dreams are made...and then regurgitated

On day 2 of our little trip, Clare and I joined a few of her old mates from Lismore and visited Queensland's most dated theme park, Dreamworld.

The rides

Clare (right of centre) on The Claw. I declined a second invitation, as I was close to vomiting the first time.

The Claw fact: The 27 metre-high ride swings 240o vertically, rotates 360o horizontally, and travels at a gut-wrenching 75km/hr.

The Wipeout was gnarly, dude. Totally tubular. I'm sitting below the 'P' and Clare below the 'O'.

The Wipeout fact: The ride opened 14 years ago, costing $6 million.

Definitely my favourite of all the rides on the day (I'm a pansy), the Log Ride was a very wet affair. For those overseas, note the very Australian gum tree backdrop.

Log Ride fact: Riders scream down the shoot at over 50km/hr!

Incidentally, the last time I was at Dreamworld was when the Tower of Terror opened - 24 January, 1997. The ride was fantastic, but I think they need to do a bit of work around the's all looking a little shabby in the pre-ride theming.

Tower of Terror fact: Costing $16 million to build, the TOT accelerates to over 160km/hr in seven seconds and pulls 4.5G's.

We also went on the Cyclone and the Giant Drop. I nearly shat myself on the Giant Drop - check this link out for a Quicktime video demonstrating the height and speed of the ride. Below is also a video from YouTube which demonstrates the innate personal experience.

The animals

CRIKEY! Look at this little beauty!! The photo doesn't do it justice, but the croc pictured is bloody massive, with a body bigger than a horse and longer than a Datson 180B.

I reckon if I was locked up in Dreamworld for life, I'd probably lose all of my inhibitions as well.

The verdict

A fun day. Advice for those thinking of going:

Take a picnic...go in the summer when school's in to take advantage of the water slides...try not to wonder if the maintenance of the rides is given the same importance of the general cleanliness of the park...go on the log ride, three times.


Mum said...

loved the youTube - I even got a dry mouth just looking at that guy!

Belly said...

I reckon you'd be natural on the 120m-high ride Mum.