Sunday, December 10, 2006


After 2599 days of strenuous study (just over seven years), I was officially awarded my Provisional P1 NSW Driver's Licence! In that time, I've been the proud owner of 4 sets of L's.

I would have some photos of me getting my licence for the blog, however the staff at North Ryde RTA didn't appreciate photography "of any kind" (is there any other?) to be taken. Lucky the NSW government doesn't equip them with batons, otherwise my mate Dave and I would have been taken into a padded room and beaten senseless.

And thanks to all of the people who have provided me with rides over the past few years - I think it's now time to give back.


angus said...

Fuck you. Now I really am a loser. The other day, my new boss announced to the entire office that I cant drive and failed my test 4 times. He then made them all stand and give me a round of applause.

Steve said...

You're a winner Angus - you're just more committed to not being another RTA statistic. Apparently people under 26 comprise 15% of drivers, but make up 36% of road fatalities. Only three years to go...

It came out the other day at work as well. I didn't get a round of applause from my boss, but I did get a snigger, shake of the head and a "it's a life skill, you know".