Tuesday, December 26, 2006

So this is Christmas...

Ho ho ho - and I'm not talking about Paris Hilton.

I came up home to Mum and Dad's at Coffs to celebrate Christmas. In my family, Christmas isn't a time for giving. Hell no. It's a time for consuming. That is, enough seafood, fruit, meat, vegetables and piss to sink a small 16th century Chinese sea-trade vessel.

The day started for me at around 6:30am, preparing the ingredients for a prawn dish I was responsible for at lunch time.

Cass had been bouncing off the walls since 3am and Meils struggled with the concept of daylight, being dragged out of bed at a very un rock 'n roll hour of 8am (see pic below).

Absolute corker of a day - blue skies, beautiful Aussie weather. After opening our gifts, we went down to Woolgoolga Beach in the morning for a swim. We then came back to the homestead, prepared a beautiful brunch, sat on the couch, hit the piss again during the 5 o'clock happy hour with pina coladas, then enjoyed another smashing meal prepared by my gorgeous mother and two voracious sisters.

All in all, a ripper of a day. But back to the pressies - I received:

  • A white shirt with textured pink squares with french cuffs
  • A new pair of boardshorts, dress shorts and belt
  • Frisbee
  • A few puzzles and intellectual paraphernalia
  • A moose that shits jelly beans
  • A new white bonds wife-beater
  • Wine and bar goods
  • Kitchen items.


tim said...

Wow - how amazing.

Here are three astonishing coincidences:

1. It was also 32.2 degrees here on Christmas, and I was freezing my balls off.
2. I received a polar bear that shits jelly beans from my sister. Luckily, the jelly beans weren't poo flavoured.
3. We're both ridiculously good looking.

We almost have a Lincoln/Kennedy thing going on.

So hot.