Sunday, December 17, 2006


Sixteen, one-six. Legal age for boys and girls, sixteen...

Sixty-nine, six-nine. Dinner for two, sixty-nine...

Eighty-eight, eight-eight. Two fat ladies - it's lonely in the sidecar...

Clare, Amelia, Karla, Clare's mate Whitey, Chris, Malin, Millgate, myself and some random Canadian guy looking for boy-love went to Bingay at the Imperial Hotel on Tuesday.

For those uninitiated, it's basically regular bingo run by Mitzi MacIntosh, one of Australia's favourite drag queens and her sidekick dyke, Naomi. Once your numbers are all called out, you have to yell 'BINGAY!!'. If you call 'Bing-O', you have to wear a penis-hat. Quite simple, really.

The best thing about it is that all prizes are donated and money raised from the games goes to the AIDS Council of NSW.

So anyway, we went to Bingay, had a fabulous time, darling, and won a few things along the way. Millgate won a topless garden gnome, some condoms, chocolate and some tickets to Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Karla won a Natio beauty gift pack and Clare won a meat tray and a copy of Mission Impossible III on DVD. Yes, that's right, a meat tray. Eight lamb chops, six thick snags, two slabs of rump steak and a mutton leg.


Mum said...

I'm pleased you will be getting some FE before your journey to PARADISE - we just live off the sea and land here, and there are no livestock (apart from Roos and I refuse to eat a skippy) so lots of vegs and beach fishing. Can't wait to have my babies home. xxxx

virgin blogger said...

Did you HAVE to link my name to that horrible photo on the uni website!!??

Love you!

tim said...

I can't believe Clare won a meat tray and action movie, and I wasn't in the country to share either.

Sharing the meat tray and movie, that is.

Not Clare.

Not that there would be anything wrong with that. I mean, we're mates and we share lots of things, but I think girlfriends is a little far.


See you in 12 days, mate!

CHRIS! said...

Or instead of shouting bing-o and wearing the penis hat, you could just pretend you won. has the same effect apparently...

no bingo in sweden it appears.... thats ok they would probably tax it anyway.

Always a pleasure Steven.