Monday, February 08, 2010

Wedding band

Clare and I, like a lot of people, enjoy listening to Jack Johnson’s music. His approach to life also seems pretty spot on, supporting a number of great charities - he seems to be a bloke with his head well and truly screwed on.

That’s why we flicked off an email last week to his management, to see if him and his wife would be able to make it to our wedding…here’s the result:

From: "Me"
Date: February 3, 2010 11:08
To: " Tom Chauncey"
Subject: Wedding

Hi there
My fiancĂ© and I noticed that Jack has a bit of time off from touring in between the Kokua Festival and Tempodrom in Germany, which is great, because we’re getting married in Byron Bay (Australia) on 7 May and would love for Jack and Kim to come.

They could stay down the road at their place in Lennox Head, or alternatively, they could roll out the swag in our apartment for the week. Totally cool either way. Just let them know I cook a mean blueberry pancake, so they’d really be missing out if they don’t sleep over.

If they’re free, Jack should probably bring his guitar – I’ll pack the maracas and bongo so we jam. He can also borrow one of my surfboards as
well to save him getting his boards through the airports, we’ll be surfing most days the week of the wedding.

Are you able to pass on our message? Be great if they could make it. Also, is there an appropriate address we’d be able to send him and Kim a formal invitation?

Many thanks for your help!


From: "Tom Chauncey"
Date: February 4, 2010 22:17
To: "Me"
Subject: Wedding

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your email.

As you might imagine, Jack receives tons of requests to perform at private events and weddings and he’s not able to accommodate them all. On this particular date his schedule is already committed.

Congrats to you both and thanks for listening to Jack!

Best regards,
Tom Chauncey

We’re devastated Jack and Kim aren’t able to make it. ;-)

Great work from Mr Chauncey though with his prompt reply. A good look for Jack Johnson’s profile. Good management...


Mum said...

you can only try and top marks for their reply

libby oconnor said...

worth a any other celebrities to try.

Belly said...

Maybe Tom Jones? He's in Bangkok in March - maybe I can ask him then...

libby oconnor said...

go for it