Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Set to chill in Ayutthaya

With the invitations posted on Monday and a whole heap of stuff locked in for the wedding, Clare and I are heading away for a well-earned romantic long weekend away to Ayutthaya this Friday night.

We’re going there to chill out Thai-Falang style - read, cycle, relax, get massaged, drink coffee…generally distance ourselves from anything resembling a wedding budget or crazy printing ladies named ‘Prawn’.

Clare’s organized for us to stay in some pimping hi-so-hippie hotel called Iudia…the design elements look really cool and I’m very much looking forward to finding out more about their ‘in-house cultural programs to acquaint guests with the secrets of Buddhist meditation, Siamese history, antiques, yoga and traditional Siamese music’.

Where on earth does Clare find these places!

Ayutthaya is a terrifically spectacular old-day city, spotted with 14th-century temples and a relaxed riverside atmosphere. Clare and I were there last year around the same time, and absolutely loved riding around the different Wats and back streets. More on Ayutthaya later.


Mum said...

Is this where Libby and Greg visited? The rooms certainly are named after a disperate group of men. As Louis XIV's emissary didn't spend that much time hanging around he's very fortunate to get a 'cell' named after him but personally, the Japanese Indiana Jones' room would be just fine.

Are you taking your bike or are you taking advantage of the deal with two bikes provided on request per room?

Belly said...

I'm not sure if they visited Ayutthya or not over their many travels to Thailand - Libby?

Definitely taking the new wheels...we're catching the train up and back, so will be a little adventure.

libby oconnor said...

no haven't been there but would love to .