Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's all happening

God bless budget airlines. Over the next five weekends, I certainly won’t be doing anything for the global push to reduce greenhouse gases emissions:

18-19 July (this weekend): Flying to Phuket with Clare, not to meet US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and KRudd who are there for the ASEAN summit, but to hang out with some friends from Bangkok and Singapore. On the agenda is a bit of beach cricket, maybe see if we can find a place to watch the rugby, and a couple of beers.

25-26 July: Flying to Saigon on a 1-game weekend rugby tour, playing and meeting up with a few of the blokes from the Saigon Geckos.

31 July – 2 August: I’ll be flying down to Singapore to meet my mate Dave as he travels back to Australia from a UK business trip. It’s also his birthday on the Monday, so will see if we can arrange a bit of festive action for him somewhere…

8-9 August: I’ll be staying in Bangers, meeting up with my mate Al who’s coming to stay with Clare and I. The Wallabies play the Boks that weekend, so will be watching it in between showing Al the finer points of Bangkok.

14-16 August: Flying to Chiang Rai for the weekend with Clare. Chiang Rai is tucked right up the top of Thailand – there we might go on a day jungle trek (if I can convince Clare), likely do some market shopping (if Clare can convince me) and enjoy each other’s company for the long weekend alongside some good grub and wine.

I feel very fortunate!! So will hopefully have a few more interesting blog posts to throw up over the next month or so…watch this space!


Mum said...

wonderful, wonderful! I'll be looking forward to the posts.

Cass said...

Life is tough.