Friday, September 05, 2008

Social garlic

As many of you may know, my Mum is on Facebook.

She recently uploaded a terrific photo album of her garden, including the developmental stages for the rose contingent. One of the photos included a curious-looking light-green spear-leafed shrub.

It also caught the eye of my mate Whitnall all the way over in the UK.

Our question was, what on earth is this so-called ‘social garlic’, and how can it help the blogging geeks of the world get out and about and become more popular???

The answer follows from a string of emails between myself, Whitnall and our resident botanical expert:

Subject: Social garlic
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2008 17:33:59 +0700

Hi Mum – this from a recent email from my mate Whitnall all the way over in the UK:

“Can you ask Maria Bell what exactly is ‘social garlic’? Does it mean it mixes with the onions?”

It seems your gardening photos on facebook have caught the eye of more than just your son…

Please help clear this question up. We’re both want to know more about social garlic’s social habits…



Subject: RE: Social garlic
Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2008 2:54 AM

The correct common name is actually 'society garlic' (I have always called it social garlic for some unknown reason!) and it gets this name because - when used as a garlic-flavoured garnish it doesn't leave that nasty 'garlic breath'.

It has strap-like leaves which are a bit fleshy - the leaves are chopped for sauces, soups etc. It also has quite a pretty mauve flower on a long stem.

But to answer your question - 'society garlic' does not carouse with chives, osculate with the onions nor frolic with the fennel.

Catch ya soon, Mum.

So it seems social garlic can’t help one’s social life, but it can perhaps make a nice garnish or additive to a variety of dishes. Perhaps the answer is in reviving the humble dinner party, backed by the brilliance of social garlic…

Gourmet club anyone???


Chris said...

brilliant. Thanks for clearing that up Maria.

'Society Garlic' sounds like i might need to snoop around Sloane Square for it. Or Harrods, they surely would sell 'society' garlic.

Keep the blogs coming Belly.