Thursday, June 05, 2008

Isn't life funny?

I have toiled.

Every day, I have located 15-20 jobs I can do, only to read three lines into the job description either "Thai Nationals Only", "Female, 24-30 years" or "Foreigners need not apply".

Of the ones not including those phrases, I have distilled, researched, applied for and followed up over 35 different jobs - not one reply.

I have been to several 'networking' functions and talked absolute shit - to people who talk and promise an equal amount of shit.

I have met innumerable people in the industry for coffees, lunches, beers and chats.

My CV has traveled more in Bangkok via the internet, than I have by taxi, tuk-tuk, foot and skytrain.

I have gotten involved with a Chamber of Commerce here in Bangkok - volunteered to help develop their publication and produce an upcoming issue.

I have been worried I wouldn't get a job and be able to stay in Thailand with Clare.

And today, after 3 months and a whole lot of crap, I had two 2nd interviews - one yielded an offer, the other a "your in the front running". Isn't life funny like that?

So I reckon I'm going to take the offer, pending visa and salary requirements. It's with a consultancy, doing PR for one of Thailand's biggest and most established banks.

And I may, or may not have, celebrated with a few schooners (pints) here tonight after cricket training.


Mum said...

That's a happy face I see. Well done and hope the head is not too sore after the schooners. Have a ripper of a time in Cambodia this weekend. Look forward to your blog about it. M xxxx

Mum said...

I made your chicken in coconut soup (fron the cookery school) while Geoff was away and it was stunning, simply prepared, full of flavour and I enjoyed it immensely. Thanks to Libby too for lending me the book.

libby oconnor said...

your "breaking news " on hotel bell was certainly deserve this job you have worked so hard to get it.congratulations. enjoyed you call on the phone tonight very thoughtful steve.

Belly said...

Thanks guys! Clare and I are really happy!