Friday, March 14, 2008

Hot birds and monkeys on heat

In the centre of Kuala Lumpur is the world's largest covered bird park, which boasts an impressive 200 different species of birds from across the world. This time of year, KL is around 30C, so the walk around the park was quite a sweaty affair...

Some of the creatures there were amazing...they had quite an Australian contingent as well. Was funny to see tourists treat the humble cockatoo with such reverence, when the first thing that came to my mind was "I hope the bastards don't eat any of the passion fruits". I loved the Toucans and some of the smaller finches and budgies.

Native to Malaysia, the Great Hornbill is an imposingly majestic looking bird at around 1-2ft tall.

Check out the beautiful colours!

Little do they know that we eat these in Australia. Clare even had a couple of emu snags on Australia Day this year.

There were monkey's humping everywhere.

Some pink flamingos...

A peacock shows off...

Clare has a way with animals.

The guy at the front took a dump. We thought that was gross. Then they started eating it. Oh God.

Two hot birds.


tim said...

Now THAT is a great blog post! Travels, monkeys shagging, birds gettin' freaky, and monkeys shagging... what else could someone else ask for?

(well, come to think of it, perhaps more angles of the monkey's shagging would have helped).

Keep it real holmes and keep us all updated on your adventures. If not for us, do it for the alleged illegitimate children of yours the courts back home are still debating over.

Belly said...

Tell my kids that if they need any money, they can find me training Monkeys in a Malaysian circus.

Stoked that you dug the post!

Mum said...

That was easy, now I'm going to have that as my screensaver on your computer, thanks.