Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It's official!!

I've just resigned from my job and I'm moving to Bangkok.

There - I said it.

And it's happening. In March. With Clare. In the heat. An adventure of a lifetime.

Why this fair city? Well, Clare was offered a job out of the blue with a Thai school teaching English - we though it would be an excellent opportunity to live, work and immerse ourselves in a non-English speaking and extremely culturally rich country.

And I can't bloody wait to sink my teeth into it!!

The resignation went down quite well here at work, with both my direct boss and General Manager offering me a job if/whenever I come back - the highest compliment I believe a resigning employee can be afforded.

But it didn't go down so well down in North Sydney at Willis' work...see the below video:

Shock manifests in many ways...

So, it looks as though Hotel Bell is going to have to pick up its beer taps and move to another location - watch this space.


Cass Bell said...

Yay for you and Clare!

hiedistar said...

Very exciting! Are you going to travel first or just get straight into it?

My tips for moving abroad include, forget buying an iron, if Clare uses a hair straightener its all you need! And buy a Skype phone to attach to your computer. I use a walk around one, and it is just like talking on a home phone but at zero costs.

Good luck!

Belly said...

Lovely to hear from you! We're going to head to Malaysia first for a few days, then onto Bangkok to get settled. I reckon we'll have a fair look around during our time there, and we might head off afterward to check out more of greater Asia, the Middle East and East Africa.

Great advice - thanks mate. Bangkok is a really progressive country in terms of new media and internet access, so hopefully we'll be able to set up some skype action across to Sth America!

Mum said...

Great experiences can be had travelling around the world - next time though tell your mother that the intention is to be away from her loving arms for decades.... NOT GOOD reading it on a blog

Belly said...

I don't think I mentioned I was going to be away for decades...either way, you're always more than welcome to join me as a tour guide of the Middle East!!!