Saturday, June 23, 2007

The fashion queen turns 25

It was my beautiful older sister Cass' (above) birthday yesterday. In order to celebrate her turning 25, my family and I decided to turn back the photo album of time and review four of her greatest outfits.

Cass' birthday circa June 1999 @ home. Appropriate attire for a mid-winter birthday morning.

Something strange happened during the 2000 Olympic Games - my sisters decided to wear their underpants in an external manner. Note Cass' ribbon "Go For Gold AUSTRALIA".

I was summoned by Gianni Versace in the spring of 1986 for a photo shoot for his new kids short-shorts and fatty top range. Cass stole the show with her well-crafted immaculate and angelic 4 year-old look. I lost my modelling contract. Bitch.

England, July 1988. After spending 2 years on the European modelling circuit, Cass had most definitely mastered a broad range of poses. Note the velure jacket, oversized heals, polka-dot pants and Mickey Mouse T. Pure fashion genius.

Happy birthday sis - hope it was a cracker of a day. Looking forward to seeing pics of your true-blue Aussie BBQ (in Ireland). xx


Cass Bell said...

Thanks for the birthday dedication!

I had a great day and can't wait to show these Irish what a true BBQ celebration is! Wish you were here to cook it for me! xxx

tim said...

I wish I was there so he could cook it for you also. I'm hungry.