Monday, May 24, 2010

Memories of rugby league

As many of you know, I’m a massive rugby union fan. However, rugby league was my first love, born from it many of my first, best and formative childhood memories.

Like Benny Elias with mud and blood pouring from his face onto his NSW Blues jersey, while Paul Sironen and Paul Harragon (NSW) belted, and got belted by, Marty Bella and Trevor Gillmeister (QLD). Definitely formative.

Or the 8am Queanbeyan Sunday morning winter kick-offs as an U/8 North Canberra Bear - ground frozen, hands numb and a confusion as to how to best avoid juvenile hypothermia.

Or big Mal Meninga – arm bandaged up, screaming down the middle of Canberra’s Bruce Stadium like a turbo-charged tank, with blokes like Laurie Daley, Gary Belcher, Ken Nagas and other Raiders stars in tow…all the while sucking down hot dogs with Dad on the hill.

With Game 1 of the 2010 State of Origin coming up this Wednesday, I was reminded this morning of how 20 years ago Mum used to only let me watch the first half, as it finished well past my bedtime. With Mum a 9hr flight away, and a time difference now favourable to my Bangkok bedtime, I can’t wait to watch the whole game after work with my mates here in Bangers.

Here’s a little taste of the previous 25 years of State of Origin hits…(Ray ‘Rabs’ Warren’s commentary has to be as good as the hits!).


Mum said...

I'm soooo sorry, how unkind of me to pack you off to bed....... I'd let you stay up for the whole shebang if you were with us tonight. However, the bet is I'll most probably pack myself off to bed after the first half!

Mum said...

That particular game and ground at Qbyn was just a shocker and I well remember it. One of the few occcasions where I have EVER let a child of mine 'weather the elements' while the girls and I retired to the warmth of the car (which we had to start up to keep the windscreen from freezing and seriously fogging up). Oh such sweet memories.