Saturday, July 12, 2008

Singapore Zoo & Botanic Gardens

I was thrilled when Clare agreed to join me in Singapore for the weekend. We decided to focus on visiting places very unlike Bangkok...the Singapore Zoo and the Botanic Garden's were full of greenery and placid, quiet places to relax. A nice antidote to the sensory overload we experience each day.

Here's a few snaps:

At the start of the Singapore Zoo circuit. The zoo itself was extremely well laid out and provided easy, close access to many of the animals.

A 'front row' of rhinos. I couldn't decide whether the rhinos or polar bears were my favourites for the day. The polar bears were a real highlight as I'd never seen any before, but the rhinos, well, I feel for them. I understand what it's like to have short stumpy legs, cankles and a big ass. Note the small bird.

Zebras are like the rockstars of Africa. Flamboyant, fast and just very, very cool.

After working in health PR, this is a lesson of what NOT to do.
DO support programs like the zoo is doing. DON'T name a giraffe after your product, as Abbott have done. More pure CSR, less focus on ROI. When will companies finally get it??

A visibly majestic animal. Kind of smelt though.

Clare laments as the crime scene is sealed off.

Me a little earlier at the Botanic Gardens. The Heliconias were excellent - reminded us of Kuala Lumpur.


Mum said...

Blame me, blame me, for the cankles, short legs etc etc. Stunning photos though.

Cass Bell said...

Is Heliconia the anatomical name for chest hair of the excellent variety?!

Jerrica said...

Hey there...
saw your blog and just wanted to clarify. Growie the giraffe has always been named growie since ages ago. Abbott just adopted Growie only a month ago.. I think instead of naming the giraffe after the product, the names and product just happened to fall in place. nice photos of the animals though!! cool!

Belly said...

Yes, it is quite excellent. So excellent a random yank woman came up to me in a bar the other night and advised me I should partake in a bit of man-scaping.

Thanks for the clarification. I do hope Abbott didn't have any role in naming Growie - there's way too much of that sort of thing happening these days.

Glad you liked the photos - can I exchange them for some free tickets to the Singapore Zoo? Free flights would also be terrific. ;-)