Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hello 2007!

It's catch-up time.

New years - I had the pleasure of being hosted at an apartment just off Terrigal Beach for a couple of nights by Rob Scott, a sterling bloke I met through Jonnie Hoy.

Ten points to the groundsman, who preparded a nice flat pitch for the pre-dinner intra-house cricket match. Nice action, Hoy.

Feeling a bit of 1st year uni deja-vu, we embarked on some drinking games of the highest order, deconstructing the age-old favourite 'Pass the Pigs'. In short, we rolled a couple of rubber pigs and got suitably pissed.

One of my better rolls...

Here's a couple of other pictures of a few pissed idiots at the Crown Plaza hotel:

Proudly sponsored by Bundy...

Some of the 06/07 crew...