Thursday, May 31, 2007

Excuse me, but has anyone seen this girl?? (2)

No leads as yet.

I thought I was onto a winner when I saw this article from earlier today on BBC Online about a wild young chick popping up in Ireland. Sadly, no love.

To give the search a little extra kick, it has been suggested (thanks Steven and Mum!) that a better quality photo be posted up to help aid this search of all searches.

As you may be able to tell from my Dad's killer mo, this photo may have been taken around 15 years ago after a St Monica's Primary blue light disco. Sorry guys. It's the next best photo I can scrounge. ;-)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Excuse me, but has anyone seen this girl??

My younger sister Amelia went overseas about a month ago. What's that? No I wouldn't have a clue how she is. I haven't heard a bloody thing from her since she left.

She may be in a cafe in Amsterdam, a dirty Contiki tour bar in Madrid, or standing in front of a sparkling Mediterranian Ocean...feeling like a microwaved mango from the previous night's Greek Island partying shennanigans.

So, considering this whole 'blog' thing is a global phenomenom, I thought I'd take to the bandwidth for news on how she's doing, or at the very least a brief sighting. Here's some specific details:

Name: Amelia
Age: 21
Height: 167cm
Weight: Not going there
Hair: Brown/Blonde
Eyes: Blue-Green
Brother: Yes, and amazingly good looking
Last seen: Dulwich Hill, Sydney
Loves: Being called a spanner head.

Please help. Thanks.

Friday, May 25, 2007

5% - A world away from where I'd like to be

So I found this cool widget online and thought I'd try it out. It basically shows all of the different countries I've visited - a bit of a wank, really, but kind of cool all the same. Try it...who's got the highest percentage? I'm guessing Edwina, but she doesn't read my maybe Mon?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My friends are talented

This has to be the funniest lead par I have read in a long time. AND it was written by the one and only Aitken!!

A rooting rabbit comes home

A confronting Central Australian play exploring the colonialist hangover and the Australian male psyche via a sex-mad rabbit has finally had its hometown debut, writes Sarah...
- Arts Hub Australia Online

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Thanks, Juanita: Mike Bailey moves toward Federal Parliament

"The local member Joe Hockey is extremely popular. It is very much an uphill battle, but at the same time it's a challenge and I've never shirked a challenge."

- Mike Bailey on his recent affirmation that he will run for pre-selection in the Federal seat of North Sydney, as reported in the SMH this morning.

Strong words this morning from a man who many* predict will rain down a flood of whoop-ass against the incumbent Liberal member for North Sydney, Joe Hockey.

For many years, Willis & I have been lobbying long and hard for Mike Bailey, current ABC weatherman and part-time commedian, to be installed as a member of Federal parliament with a view toward bunking down at The Lodge. All reports say that Kevin Rudd is stoked to have him on board, but I can't help but perceive an underlying fear from the current leader that Bailey will win public support within a couple of years.

Why do I give so much of a shit?
1. It's my electorate. Yeah!
2. With his meterological skills, Mike Bailey could possibly be the saviour of all mankind.

Aitken has blogged on this this morning. Willis has created this site long ago, in admiration for the talent, poise and amazing ability to articulate the effects of impending stratocumulouses, or even the Southern Oscillation Index. I've just heard on the grapevine that Willis is creating a similar site in anticipation of the Bailey's pre-selection. Watch this space.

Sunny days ahead indeed...all we need now is for Bronwyn Bishop to stand down and make way for Juanita Phillips in the seat of MacKellar for a three-pronged Labor-ABC political assault. Imagine that!

McKew in Bennelong, Bailey in North Sydney and Phillips in Mackellar!!!

It's a great day for Australian politics.

* May only include myself and Willis.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Out Of My Comfort Zone

Ok, so it's just passed the middle of (Tim) May and my New Year committment of batting my way through 12 books over the ensuing 12 months is looking a little behind the required run rate. I've literally got another five backing up in the sheds, but I felt in the zone with this one as I happily found form.

Ex-Australian cricket captain Steve Waugh (I can almost hear people clicking off now...), wrote an 800-page innings of an autobiography. The little shiner cost me about $35, and true to the sporting autobiographical genre, the book has plenty of pictures, cliches and analysis of memorable sporting moments.

Perhaps at times intentionally leaving his wicket open to his readers, the book provides real insight into the man's make-up. Particularly, the book illustrated how his reputation as an international cricketer did not always hold its ground when at home changing nappies or when walking through the dirtied streets of Delhi amongst beggars, lepers and extreme poverty.

Six over long-on:
  • Descriptions of some of the on-field sledgings and verbal stumpings.
  • The honest appraisals and insights into some of the characters of the modern game, including Allan Border, Merv Hughes, Sachin Tendulkar, Simon Katich, Steve Harmison, Michael Slater, Shane Warne, Curtly Ambrose, David Boon, Andy Caddick, Justin Langer, Arjuna Ranatunga and Salim Malik to name a few.
  • A unique examination of the determination, strength of mind and character needed to dodge life's bouncers and succeed in any high-performance pursuit.
  • Perspective - making sure to note how others in the world (and many millions in cricketing-playing nations) are struggling to survive and how this can ever match up to what is essentially a game...
  • The values he holds for family and mates.
  • The humour and humility the book was written in.
  • Waugh's experience with the media, particularly in terms of interviews and press conferences. A great overview of the process and a useful reference for any PR pros training media virgins/CEOs how to play the media with a straight bat.

Golden duck:

  • Lack of a coherent timeline - Out Of My Comfort Zone seemed to jump between seasons, years or even decades, which made it at times hard to follow.
  • Repetition - whilst enjoyable and interesting in nature, he seemed to overbowl the amount of space dedicated to descriptions of every minute detail of him going out to bat, field placings etc.

Steve Waugh is one of the greatest cricketers to ever pull on the baggy green. What I admire most about him is his tenacity, desire to achieve, passion for Australia, and hard-edged attitude tapered off by an underlying sense of compassion. As role models go, he's Bradman-esque.

Would I read the book again? Yes.

Would I recommend the book to others? Yes, to those who have an active interest in cricket.

Will I read another 11 books before year's end? No bloody idea, but I'll give it a good whack.

NB: Cricketing puns, references, colloquialisms or cliches within this post = 20

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Missing Bathurst

I went back to Bathurst on the weekend to spend some time with Clare and go out with some of her mates. However, I forgot it was Grad week, so there were heaps of people there, taking full advantage of the opportunity to participate in one of their last true Bathurst benders.

I couldn't help but take a few photos of the place, and the things I miss most about it. In no specific order, here they are:

No traffic

No cars zooming past - and look how clean the streets are!!!


They say absence makes the heart grow stronger, but I reckon the bloke who said that was probably just constantly in the doghouse, wanted the weekend with his mates, and needed that saying as justification to do so.

The picture below is of Clare & I on a hot date at the Acropole Restaurant. Incidently, whilst a teenager boarding at St Joseph's Convent Perthville, about 15km East of Bathurst, my Mum went on one of her first dates with some bloke to the same restaurant. They had a banana split.

Zigi, the European taxi driver

Zigi has been driving in Bathurst for 19 years after immigrating to Australia and working for some small company back then named Siemens. Ex-Bathurstians may remember her for her stern, but maternally reassuring advice, "don't you dare spew in my cab" or "you'd better finish those beers before you jump into my cab - go on...hurry up, down the hatch".

She informed me on my ride back that she's suffered ONLY two bashings. Fantastic. I've got her number by the way if anyone wants to be, well picked up.

The Park Hotel @ 1:50am

All smiles. I bought a schooner (not schmiddie) and four spirits for $17. The crowd - friendly, approachable and generally well behaved. Well, except a few rugby boofheads getting nude in front of their mates and a group of adoring 1st-year Comm. mattresses.

Old uni friends

Helen Caldwell (pictured below) came back from Canada a couple of weeks ago to visit family and graduate. It was an absolute privilege to catch up with her - she's one of those people I most miss bumping into on the library lawn for a chat, or dancing with to Cyndi Lauper at the uni bar time after time...

3-inch wedges owned by the wives of Oberon lumberjacks

Enough said.

So what else do ex-residents of Bathurst miss most?

Mums think they're funny

I received this email from my mum this morning via Fairfax digital:

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Thursday, May 17, 2007 7:28 AM
Subject: Headline - Hair regrown in baldness breakthrough

Dear steve,
You have been sent this article link by mum courtesy of
Personal Message: Not needed just now but one for the future?

Hair regrown in baldness breakthrough
Deborah Smith
May 17, 2007 - 5:54AM

So my hairline is starting to recede! Whatever.

There's really only one person to blame here.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Playing cupid: Jonnie

A hopeless romantic frequently mistaken for David Hasselhoff, Jonnie (at right) enjoys long walks on the beach and watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean whilst talking feelings. Note the happy couple in the background. He just has that effect on people.

One of my best mates has decided to put himself up onto the singles real estate market - a pick of the bunch, especially if you're looking for a bit of a cheap rental.

Not just for my friends, family and associated acquaintances, I strongly encourage random readers of this blog to post a comment/amorous affirmation, regardless of your geographic disposition or aversion to really really ridiculously good looking young men.

From the man himself:

"I am now widely regarded as the best big spoon in the Eastern Suburbs and am confident of taking the Sydney metropolitan title later this year. Anyone who is looking to improve their big spooning technique, or any little shweetie spoons who are searching for something more than just an event performed in the hope of coitus, please make a comment".

I thought I'd pose a couple of questions to give readers a bit more of an insight into the man who Nelson Mandela once described as 'OK':

If you were to be the lead singer in a boy band, who would it be and why?
I'd be any lead singer in any boy band just so I could wear the shexy clothing and get my make up done.

Would you rather: get with John Howard or parachute nude into a swimming pool full of Amazonian candiru fish?
I would like to get with John Howard whilst nude in a pool with the fish.

What would constitute your perfect date?
A girl not leaving before the main course has come out.

If you could get plastic surgery for any part of your body, where would it be and why?
My penis, 11 inches really is just too much for any man.

Complete these sentences:
Hotelbell...Is that a brothel?
My mates think that I am...a person with the personality of an autistic piece of chalk.
I have an amazing...collection of bat faeces on my car at the moment.

So there you have it. A single, honest and very eligible young bachelor putting himself out there for the benefit of advancing the genetic excellence of Australia's next generation.

Good morning Vietnam! (...and Thailand)

Willis and I decided last night that we'd take advantage of Jetstar's 3rd birthday airfare sale and go on a holiday to South East Asia. We fly into Ho Chi Minh city on the 22nd of November, then fly out of Phuket on the 5th of December.

That's beers, seafood and croissants...snorkling, tanning and raquet sports...yeah!!!

Everything else in between is still to be worked out. Any ideas???

Willis & I will be flying an F-16 Fighting Falcon. Ho Chi Minh airport supports both civilian and military aircraft.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Ups, downs and a desk-full of vomit

Wow. What a week at work.

From a professional point of view, it's been an absolute rollercoaster ride. And everyone knows that it's not really a decent rollercoaster ride unless you've vomitted.

But when I say vomit, I don't mean gastric juices sprayed all about my near vicinity in all of their yellow, carroty glory, I mean worrying about what the bloody hell I'm going to do with my life, and how I can best synthesise my professional and personal lives.

Monday saw me come into work pumped. I'd had an excellent weekend watching five games of rugby, one game or ice hockey and a World Cup cricket final. I had achieved sleep nirvana over the weekend, managing a snooze total of about 30-odd hours and was ready to tackle any PR challenge that smacked me in the face.

Tuesday, I had my performance and salary review. On paper, a positive. I got a solid raise, was recognised for some good work I have done over the past 12 months, and was honest with my manager about my plans for the future. We spent a good two hours analysing my professional strengths and weaknesses, however the weaknesses seemed to dominate - I'm still not sure if my manager's objective was to give me a motivational kick up the ass, or whether it was just a more convenient forum to raise the things which could be worked on. And I still don't know where the hell my organisation sees me in a year. Am I just another intellectual vehicle for profit?

Wednesday, I wallowed in a state of confusion, but managed to attend a meet up of some extremely inspirational new media professionals (I will blog about these guys later in the week). I also got some solid feedback about a media release I wrote for a new large client - perhaps I belong in PR after all?

Thursday - Still confused, still unsure...and a little bit tired from a late night with said bunch of similarly-minded new media geeks. I got some terrific feedback from a few journo's who really dug a hay fever story angle I have been trying to sell in for about a month. Also had a beautiful Singaporean dinner in Cremorne with my gorgeous girlfriend and discussed all things futuristic.

Friday - Made some terrific strategic progress on one of my consumer-health clients - got the green light for a really exciting medical media campaign which will blow the socks off a bunch of trade media. Still wondering whether PR is for me, thinking that sometimes the job is more about convincing the client of your worth than it is about doing some solid public education on their behalf. Then, the stickler. We had our monthly staff meeting, where I was awarded the staff member of the month!

Where does this leave me? Well...still in a state of confusion. Maybe with the award I've reached the beginning of some sort of professional recognition for the extra day a week (in terms of hours) I put into this company. Maybe things will turn around from "he can do this, I can delegate to him", to "he can do this, but he's really stretched - lets get another person on board." Maybe this is just consultancy, I should grow the bloody hell up, and cop it on the chin.

It's just that I'm consistently doing some really good work, my chin is starting to swell up and I need some sort of anti-inflammatory to stunt the swelling. Only time will tell. I'm definitely going to stay, especially considering the unbelievable talent and wonderful personalities that surround me on a daily basis.

However, the next six months will be a real litmus test.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Get some nuts!

Great theme, great star. Thanks to Chris Ash for forwarding this one through...

Apologies for the blatant chocolate bar promotion though.